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The Bacchus is Dead!

The Bacchus Is Dead! is an interactive board game that focuses on strategic thinking and group competition/collaboration. The idea focuses on how a group leader would survive during an extraterrestrial attack and forces the player to take this role, as well as the responsibilities associated with it. This game not only challenges the player to make difficult decisions regarding who to save and how to fight, but also allows the player time to enjoy friendly competition with other players and explore the decadent grandeur of the Bacchus Gold. Blending storytelling with complex game mechanics and a digital companion app, the entire game encapsulates the idea of game design.
Initially written as a short story, The Bacchus Is Dead! followed those who were meant to save the survivors among the Bacchus Gold. After careful editing and reworking, the idea developed into a virtual board game, then evolved into a physical board game with a digital companion app. The final result is a physical piece integrated with a digital component in order to marry both the abstract and practical aspects of game design.

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