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About Madison Salvatore

Madison Salvatore has always had distinct fascinations, each stemming from her love of art and its inherent ability to impact the lives of others in wildly different forms. She was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania on September 2, 2000, and found her love of artistic expression quite young. She began dancing at the age of two and found love in the gift of performing arts, through competition and instruction. As she grew older, she found interest in horror, fantasy, and science-fiction, with a healthy dose of anime and comics factoring in. Plagued with an obsession surrounding horror movies and video games, she began finding outlets for her creative energy within Game Design and English.


She has a personal passion for both video games and board games with an emerging emphasis on integrating the two together. She also has a deep love for creative writing and scriptwriting, incorporating a healthy enjoyment of editing and revising written works. Her ultimate goal is to pursue a more personal, artistic expression within the video game medium by infusing game design work with creative writing, emphasizing the importance of player experience and narrative design.

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