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University of Connecticut

GPA: 3.860 / 4.00

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Digital Media Design [Concentration: Game Design] Magna Cum Laude, Honors Scholar

Bachelor of Arts, English, Cum Laude

Skills and Proficiencies 

Programming: C#, Object-Oriented Programming, Python, Visual Basic .NET, JavaScript, HTML

Game Engines: Unity [2D, 3D, Scripting], Unreal Engine, Construct 3

Design Software: Adobe Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects

Software (Microsoft): Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel

Other: Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Brainstorming, Group Collaboration

Academic Projects

2D Unity Video Game Projects: Created two video games using the Unity Engine and C# scripting for course final projects. Death Metal Knight was a 2D platformer with custom coded physics. A Stressful Journey was a 2D RPG game in the style of Pokémon.

Senior Project: Created The Bacchus is Dead!, an interactive board game and digital companion app, complete with printed rulebook and instruction video. Physical elements were created using Photoshop and AI-generated original artwork. Digital companion app was created using Unity Engine and C# scripting.

Elea Marketing Design: Worked with Elea, a healthcare technology company, to create a marketing campaign for their social media presence. Created ad campaign and logos using Adobe Photoshop. Wrote social media posts for company’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

Major Coursework

Game Design: Advanced Game Scripting, Interactive Storytelling, 3D Virtual Worlds and Simulations, Advanced Digital Game Design and Development

Digital Media Design: Motion Graphics I, 3D Animation I, 3D Lighting and Rendering I, Design Lab I

Writing: Creative Writing I, Fiction Writing, Publishing, Studies in Film: Horror

Volunteer and Paid Work Experience

Assistant Dance Instructor and Substitute Dance Instructor, Performing Arts Center of Lehigh Valley, Trexlertown, Pa, September 2014 – June 2018

  • Assisted owner/ dance instructor in the teaching of young students aged 2-12 to perform dance styles and choreograph dance numbers for performance

  • Substituted for the owner/dance instructor

  • Experience working with parents of young children

Disney College Program: Merchandise Department, Walt Disney World, Orlando, Fl, January 2020 – April 2020 [program ended early due to COVID outbreak]

  • Worked cash register in Tomorrowland, managing financial transactions with efficiency and accuracy

    • Performed tasks such as aiding in purchasing, returns, and exchanges

    • Provided customer service to a diverse and international customer base

  • Worked behind the scenes in taking item inventory, restocking, and understanding supply and demand

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